I see a blank canvas as a doorway through which I can question and expose the magic and mystery of life.  As evidenced by the following images, I enjoy working across multiple mediums, genres, and subjects.  One common thing that I strive for in my work is to have a sense of story.  I believe that my background in illustration and love of literature, cinema, and graphic novels informs this aim.  I would like the viewer to first enjoy my images purely based on a “first reaction” level.  However, my overall desire is for the viewer to then wonder “what is going on here?” and perhaps create their own narrative to describe what they see.  I don’t like to overanalyze where my images come from or what they ultimately mean.  If I were to explain everything, it would ruin the sense of wondering in the viewer.  I like to think that my paintings take on multiple meanings and create infinite stories in the minds of the people who see them.